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  1. How do you care for azaleas?  Do they require sun or not and what about water?


  1. I have a 30' row of Blue Lake Green Beans.  20' of them are doing great, but the last 10' are not.  The leaves are yellow and have never been the dark green that the other 20' have been.  What do I need to do?


  1. With biennials, after they reseed themselves the 2nd year, do you get flowers the next year or only foliage?


  1. Can you grow Daylilies in a container?

  2. My daylilies are doing terrible this season.  The temperature is topping out at 100.  Do I water more or do I water less?


  1. I planted Sweet William Dianthus in Spring of '07 and it bloomed for the first time this year. I know that it is a biennial; does this mean that it won't come back next year? I'm not sure if "biennial" means a plant's life is finished after the year it blooms.  (I'm in zone 5).


  1. Is there a list of leaves and stems etc. to find out what is edible? If so, where it might be?  The plants I have are pumpkin, summer squash, pickles (mini), broccoli, turnips, corn stalks, green beans, snap beans, cukes, carrots, and watermelon. I live in the north east. When would be to late to plant? I am all ready harvesting some veggies. I would like to extend my harvests as late as possible? Is it wise to put fresh cow poop down in late fall to better support the soil in spring growth?


  1. How can I treat Euonymus scale?

Flowering Trees

  1. I'm from the Philippines and very much interested in planting flowering trees here. Can I plant cherry blossoms here? What flowering trees can I plant here?


  1. I got some Forget-Me-Not flower seeds while in Alaska.  Does it matter what time of year I plant them? 

Four O'Clock

  1. Do you have any advice for planting four o clock seeds directly into the ground in June? I have an area between the driveway and a chain link fence that I want to plant four o clock seeds.  It's an area not near any other flowerbeds, so I'm not worried about invasion. I live in Zone 7.

  2. We have had four o'clocks for a few years. This year they have good stems but the leaves are completely stripped away. And no flowers. Seems to be progressive moving right on down the row. What could be causing this?

  3. My Four O'Clocks are about 4' tall and haven't bloomed.  They have never gotten this tall and have always bloomed. I love them and all my others aren't nearly that tall and are loaded with flowers.  What has happened to this one?  We are in North Florida.  What do we need to do?

Gardening Zones

  1. Is there a growing zone map I can find online that is reliable?

Ground Covers

  1. I'm looking for a full sun, drought resistant, non-flowering ground cover. Any suggestions?


  1. This space is for questions on herbs not covered in the extensive Herbs & Herbal Uses section on this website.  Please check there first before submitting questions related to herb gardening. 

  2. I just received a rosemary bonsai, and I am trying to find out how to care for it.

  3. We are currently stationed in Hawaii and I'm trying to get a little garden started, mostly potted flowers and plants. I made a purchase today of a plant that had a sticker labeled Violet.  I'm not sure of it's bloom and can't find much information on the internet.

  4. I need information on what I need for planting mint in a container - watering, soil, sun?

  5. I saw either Spanish lavender or French lavender this spring at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks in Fayetteville, AR. I live about 75 miles north of there. Am I too far north for this to grow? I think it is beautiful and I would love to have some.


  1. Can I plant my hibiscus plant in zone 4?  What special things do I need to do to it to keep it looking nice. 

  2. I purchased a hibiscus tree and impatiens and they both seem to be slowly dying...  the hibiscus is turning yellow and the impatiens are becoming sticks...  what am I doing wrong?

  3. I have a white fuzz on my Hibiscus and another plant in my front yard.  It looks like a roly poly covered in white fuzz. 

Hummingbird Plant

  1. I have a hummingbird plant that has never bloomed. It has been in the ground for 3 yrs. It grows extraordinarily well but no blooms. Why does it not bloom?


  1. We recently had our yard landscaped.  One plant I mentioned I wanted was a Blue Hydrangea.  The landscapers planted two Hydrangeas that look as though they are not sure what color they want to be, blue, purple or pink.  I read that the plants have to adjust to the soil to determine what color they will be but that you could change the color to Blue once the plant is 2 to 3 years old.  Is this true?  Also, the plants are not very tall however they already have very large balls on them which are top heavy, turning brown and touching the ground.  The plants themselves are very healthy looking.  Should I cut off those large flower balls or let them die off themselves?


  1. How do you propagate impatiens? 

  2. I have a beautiful double Impatiens.   I keep it watered and have fertilized once in the month I have had it.  It seems to have started to appear sickly. Leaves have a brown edge on them. Continues to bud but they seem to fall off before opening fully.  Not sure if i am over watering or what. Please advise.  

  3. I planted impatiens this year, as I do every year.  For some reason the leaves began to turn yellow and brown spots appeared on them.  I put a layer of black mulch in my landscape this year for the first time, do you think that has anything to do with it?

  4. I live in the Kansas City area and have been growing Impatiens for the past several years.  I have a north facing porched area where I plant them in various hanging baskets and pots.  They started out so beautifully this year...just gorgeous!  But, slowly but surely, the leaves are turning yellow and two of them especially are looking just plain sick!  What do I do?  Am I watering too much?  Not enough?  Too much sun?  They are shaded in the middle part of the day getting their sun in the morning and evening...please help!

  5. I have heard that propagating impatiens is very easy. I took some cuttings, put them in miracle grow, perlite and peat moss, and set them on my front deck (it is still warm and humid). They keep blooming and I keep cutting off the blooms.  I am a new gardener so am not sure what to do next.  Since impatiens are an annual, what do I do with them when it starts getting cool outside?  Do I cover them in plastic bags (sandwich bags, ok?), or do I bring them in the house till fall, then transplant them in my garden?  They are doing better than I expected. I also  did some cuttings on petunias and ice plant. anything different to do with these?  Being new, I need details.  Thank you so much for this site.  I would have never thought you could propagate annuals.  This is exciting for me, as I'm sure for a lot of your gardeners.  I am in zone 6. 


  1. My dog, a 50 lb. border collie ate/eats lantana leaves.  I dug it out, but more pops up.  To date, over several years, no ill-effects.  Do I induce vomiting or is this only when seeds are available and consumed.  Is toxicity an issue?  Literature and vets give mixed and/or limited information.  Not clear if toxic to canines.  Does it take large amounts such as with farm animals who graze?

  2. Recently I had to be gone from my home for a extended period of time. My lantana has flourished beyond its boundaries -  this is its second season of growth. The first year it was fantastic and this year it is even more beautiful.  The only problem is I live in a town with sidewalks and it is beginning to hang over or over grow on the sidewalk. My question to you is will it kill my lantana if I trim it back to its boundaries?


  1. My primrose lilac is about 5 years old and has yet to bloom. What do I need to do to coax it? It is in full sun and healthy.


  1. In my nursery there is attack of mealy bugs and some of the ornamental plants have badly suffered like hibiscus etc . What should be the proper solution for that?


  1. What animal would be eating my onions in the garden?  I have some that I wintered over and something has broken down the tops and chewed almost all of them off.  I didn't think onions would be popular with raccoons or anything....HELP !!!

  2. Are onion stems OK to eat? The part that is out of ground? Are these called scallions? If yes what are some other plants stems, leaves ,and etc are OK to eat. I have various plants and they look good to eat.


  1. All my vegetables I planted are coming along fine except my green peppers I have tried everything to save them , but all the leaves seem to have been eaten (holes in them) I sprayed some Bon neem and it worked for everything except them.

Pillbugs (Roly Poly)

  1. Is there a good plant to put in the garden that will repel roly poly bugs (pill bugs)?  I have a terrible problem with them this year, but they seem to have attacked mostly the string beans. 

Seed Harvest

  1. Where is the seed pod in Impatiens, Lisianthus, Verbena Veralena, and  Violet?


  1. How can I keep squirrels out of my planters?


  1. I live in South Florida and I started growing tomatoes in January (inside in containers).  I moved them outside in April.  In May, the plants looked very healthy and tomatoes appeared.  Not a single tomato turned red and the plants look like they are dying.  I did add fertilizer in April and May and I water them 2 times a day (early morning and early evening).  What did I do wrong?

  2. My tomato plants are dying from the bottom up what do I need to do to save them. they were fruiting and suddenly start dying.


  1. Is it too late in the year to plant some zucchini in the ground? I live in Wichita Kansas, & the heat this last few weeks has killed my plants. I always get really nice plants & lots of blooms but no squash. What am I doing wrong? I would like to get some zucchini to grow before winter hits.

  2. Why are my pumpkin and Zucchini blooms dying and falling off, producing no fruit?



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