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Garden ornamentation takes many shapes and forms, and is largely a matter of taste.  Pretty much anything can be made into a garden ornament, and if it pleases you and captures your style and personality, then go for it.  Garden decoration is a unique opportunity to create a personal space that is all your own - whether you favor plastic ducks or expensive statuary.  But there are a few basic guidelines to consider as you acquire pieces to place in the garden.


The first rule of thumb is to use similar pieces throughout the garden so that it appears cohesive, rather than a jumbled hodgepodge of items.


Secondly - and this goes especially for the public or front side of the house - try to get pieces that fit the general architectural style of the house.  If you just must have a piece that is totally out of character with the style of the house, then use it in the back, where you have an opportunity to create a space all your own. 


Thirdly, and most importantly, choose your pieces carefully and keep it simple.  Unless you are purposely going for a cluttered look, such as in an English Garden situation, try to keep it simple and orderly.  Some objects make great focal points, and some do better in supporting roles, and knowing the difference will make yours the garden space that others admire. 


We can generally get an idea of tasteful ornamentation when driving through the more affluent neighborhoods where the homeowner seeks outside help in deciding what to do with his landscape.  Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to hire a professional for our personal yards (and personally, I'd rather do it myself anyway), so hopefully this page will be a guide in choosing the best ornamentation for your personal needs.

This page is devoted to the real art that can be found in gardens, and where to find it, including gazing balls, elegant statuary, quality birdbaths,  eye-catching planters, lighting, arches, trellises, statuary, sundials, etc., and where and how to place them in the garden.  The choices and placement of utilitarian objects such as chairs, grills, pathways, and potting benches are also a consideration, and these will also be addressed.  In tasteful garden ornamentation, as with many things,  you get what you pay for. So buy well and enjoy the benefits. However, you don't have to be rich to create a classy garden.  You just have to be savvy and pay attention.  This page is updated often, so be sure to Bookmark and return soon!  Meanwhile, please feel free to check out the rest of this site, as it contains a lot of information that I hope you will find helpful.




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